AII / Glazed / CE

Field Tile DCF-50B/HOA-1~HOA-3

Size/pc 235x45mm
Thickness 12mm
Joint 5mm
Quantity/sqm 84pcs
Quantity/ctn 84pcs
Weight/ctn 22kg
  • Dimension of piece
( 2 surface mix )
    Dimension of piece
    ( 2 surface mix )

Corner Tile DCF-50B/90-14/HOA-1~HOA-3

Size/pc (170+50)x45mm
Thickness 12mm
Joint 5mm
Quantity/m 20pcs
Quantity/ctn 20pcs
Weight/ctn 5kg
  • Dimension of piece
    Dimension of piece
  • Installation for corner
    Installation for corner

Installation Material
Adhesive o
Mortar o
Grouting ×

Back keys are visible from side when not grouted.
Surface and side colors are different.
Colors may vary even within the same batch.

CE declared


You can calculate necessary cartons per area. Please input square meters or square feet, then you can get approximate number of cartons.
✽ For series with multiple shapes, please select model number before input area.