Special Editions 04 Required“HEALING”
Space design named“HEALING” Now that the importance of spending daily time is reaffirmed,
It is very important to seek healing in the space.
To value the luxury of the heart rather than the material luxury,
What is required of our lives now may be the richness of our hearts.
JTW tiles spin a design that appeals deeply and quietly.
In this special edition, we are unique to JTW Let's introduce a healing space
arrangement that makes you feel kind.

An oasis in your home office

Home office -Cafe & Bar corner-

The style of building a workplace at home has become established. Why don't you set up a space where you can refresh yourself in a corner of the Home office? Have a cup of coffee before you go to work. And at the end of work, a glass of relaxing glass. The space created by JTW tiles gives you a comfortable and sharp feeling even when you spend time in your home office.


IM-1015P1/YB11H : Green Mix


Invite your dreams to a beautiful healing journey


A bedroom where you spend about a third of your life. In order to get a deep rest, I want to create a feeling of particular attention. To create a space that softens and quietly prepares your mind, we recommend tiles with JTW nuances. Rest before you fall asleep. Freshness when you wake up. It is a bedroom that makes you feel like that.


HAL-30B/RYC-1 : White


Take off even the clothes you wear in your heart


The bathroom is the most private space in your home. That's why you can take the plunge and create a refreshing space that makes the most of your personality. Morning wash time to wake you up comfortably. And the shower time at night to take off the day's fatigue along with your clothes. JTW tiles will transform the time you spend in the bathroom into a healing time that will polish your heart.


IM-45P1/MDK-31 : White