Porcelain / Unglazed

Field Tile PC-1~19

Size/pc 18.5x18.5mm
Size/sht (Actual) 301.3x301.3mm
Size/sht (Nominal) 303x303mm
Thickness 5mm
Joint 1.7mm
Quantity/sqm 11.5shts
Quantity/ctn 25shts
Weight/ctn 22kg
HS code (2017) 6907.21-100
  • Dimension of sheet
    Dimension of sheet
  • Mounting : Front paper
    Mounting : Front paper

Installation Material
Adhesive o
Mortar o
Grouting o


You can calculate necessary cartons per area. Please input square meters or square feet, then you can get approximate number of cartons.
✽ For series with multiple shapes, please select model number before input area.