INAX Tiles Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Use notched trowel 3mm notch suitable for LIXIL adhesive
1.Use notched trowel. 3mm notch is suitable for LIXIL adhesive, but its depend on the adhesive, so please consult adhesive maker and test in a small area first to ensure the overall installation performance.
Squeeze tiles to adhesive and push up any individual tiles
2.Squeeze tiles to adhesive and push up any individual tiles which may bow down.


Adhesive installation for back mesh tiles


Mortar installation for front paper tiles

Installation for corner tiles

Maintenance and Cleaning

As our products pass JIS (Japanese Industry Standards) chemical resistance test, any cleaning agent which is under 3% acid / alkali can be used.

Please refer following procedure except Ecocarat.

  1. Clean tiles by fresh water first.
  2. Use domestic neutral detergent if the dirt cannot be removed. Wet the dirty area by detergent with water and scrub it by using sponge or soft brush then rinse by clean fresh water.
  3. Do not attempt to use acid or alkaline solution to get rid of the dirt or contamination.
  4. Do not use steel like brush to scrub the tile, it might be damaged the surface consequentially.
  5. Paint or graffiti can be removed using thinners.
  6. Consult the cleaning expert company if the tile is contaminated by unknown object.